Thursday, January 04, 2007

Equations in Blogger???

Some times to make understand an idea, a little more complicated, it is necessary to use good tools: arrow mathematics… When I must write a report, I use LaTeX biggrin, but on my blog how can I make??? Have you ever tried to represent an integral on blogger: it is quite impossible. This is why I seek everywhere to find a solution… for example jsmath which is a javascript code and which modifies the LaTeX code directly in the end-user browser… nevertheless, that requires that all the code is located on Blogger: which is not the case… the only solution in the long term will be to modify the script wink… Another solution a little less elegant consists in transforming beforehand all the equations into images (png) for example with this LaTeX editor on line, but that is not very user friendly… Notice that I did not speak yet about MathML, this language based on the XML should answer this problem as soon as it is completely finalized and that all the browsers will understand it… We can say that it is not for tomorrow cry… So if you have an idea, tell me razz

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Wendell said...

I hear you! Sometimes I do up the equation in Word, take a screen shot of it (via "Prnt Scrn" and Paint), crop and save it as a jpg image with Infraview, ndthen post - a long process that never looks clean.

I'm guessing there's not enough - or the right - ASCII code style characters. You know, the way pressing "alt+248" gives you ° ?

Maybe somebody needs to do up some new conventions? I'll be interested to know what other's think!

Wendell said...

You're talking about the LaTeX equation editor at

Is the version here the same??

How about the mimeTeX version 1.64 at

Since I run a "humble" math blog, I can get away with much more simple tools.

anassahli said...

i suggest that u should use screenshot software. capture the window and post it in your blog.

Ariel Balter said...

I have gotten some jsMath functionality in blogger, but only in certain themes. I'd love to figure out what makes it break!