Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Brother

Whereas France forsakes Loft Story for the Star ac… (Frankly I wonder which one of these two emissions is the worst twisted ) the English are fond for the Celebrity Big Brother (the name is self explaining…) even if at the beginning the audience were not very high, only a little media buzz around behavior of Jade Goody against the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty is necessary to create audience … the whole powdered with the word “racism” and the audience flies away cool personally if I were the producer of this show, I would be very happycool. Personally, I do not think that Jade Goody is really racist, I think especially that she is stupid… that is all… Moreover the participants all are more or less stars on the end which hopes to give an electric shock to their career hoping to make beat the heart of the public one last time while keeping their electroencephalograph to 0 twisted. Small list of participants:
  • Carole (journalist in Sunday Mirror)
  • Cleo Rocos
  • Danielle Lloyd
  • Dirk (the face in the A-Team)
  • Donny (a rocker…)
  • Ian Watkins
  • Jack (… friend of Jade Goody…)
  • Jackiey (mother Jade Goody)
  • Jade Goody (she did absolutely anything… she was only finalist in another Big Brother… )
  • Muhammad Abdul Aziz (the big brother of Michael Jackson)
  • OJ (the singer of S Seven Club (that's great artists))
  • Ken Russell (director of Tommy of Who)
  • Leo Sayer (a former singer)
  • Shilpa Shetty (an Indian actress)
I told you that they are all great artists lol in England, one can make fortune with anything

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Jess said...

So are you for or against those type of shows? Personally I think they are not amusing and make me want to turn the channel immediately. It's the same as watching a soap opera except without the horrible acting.