Saturday, January 27, 2007

A personal wiki for Math

A few weeks ago, I presented Tiddlywiki: a marvellous Javascript biggrin which enables you to have a wiki on your computer without apache… I also explained you that it is very difficult to make maths in HTML and on the occasion, I had spoken about jsMath, which enables you to do it biggrin… Why not to combine both, to obtain the dream tool to make maths, to take some notes… I will explain you how to make:

1. install Tiddlywiki: it is as easy as pie but you should install it in a dedicated directory…
2. download jsMath , decompress it in the same directory as Tiddlywiki
3. Then open your new personal wiki, “options>>” then “ImportTiddlers
4. enter the URL of the plugin allowing to make the connection between Tiddlywiki and jsMath
5. click fetch and select the good plugin:
Plugin: jsMath /*** |Name|Plugin: jsMath| |Created by|BobMcElrath systemConfig systemTiddlers
6. reload the page (by pressing F5 for example)
7. Normally that should work.

Personally I had a small problem, it did not find def.js… I have thus to create in the file jsMath, this list of directory: fonts/cm-fonts/alpha/ and I copied there the file def.js which could be found in the directory uncompressed. Now it works perfectly. I hope to allow the development of mathematics biggrin

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Kito said...

Thanks for that. I found other sites that explained how to show math in Tiddlywikis, but yours was the shortest and clearest.