Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Foie Gras

The town of York could be the first English city to prohibit the sale of Foie gras! The production of Foie gras is already prohibited in the country. The city council man Labour Paul Blanchard is at the origin of this motion of banishment. The text must be submited Thursday evening to the vote of the town council of York. The foie gras is the result of the cramming of ducks and of geese, that everyone knows it… I visited even this kind of breeding and attended cramming. Mr. Blanchard estimates that it was about “cruelty towards the animals”. Personally I do not think that it is crueler than to lock up thousands of chick in barraque nonenlightened… I do not know… In any case the foie gras is much better than the chicken biggrin poor English people, lucky geeses… twisted

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