Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to remember several very very complicated passwords?

in fact you only need to remember one password lol

I have just discovered “Password Composer”: the principle is simple: when you install this Greasemonkey script, each time it discovers a password field, it colors this field with green… If you double-click on the fields… a new dialog box appears and asks you for your master password… Script add then this password with the address of the site (with a change or two) and hash the result (md5)… This gives you a quite complicated password lol Why not use the same password for all the Web sites, because if one of the Web sites is cracked (and that happens very often…) the hacker can retrieve your password with a “rainbow table” or by brute force… he will have both your login and your password… It then he uses Google to know where you connect also and then can access to quite all your accounts… It is then enough to use different passwords but the complicated passwords are difficult to remember…
The only disadvantage of this script is that you will not have any more access from anywhere on your account, you will always need this script to connect you lol if safety is at this price, it does not bother me twisted you can always take your key USB with firefox on it lol but you are likely to become as paranoiac as me and to crypt it twisted

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