Tuesday, May 15, 2007

La Butte aux Cailles and its restaurant: "Les Cailloux"

If you walk one day on the side of the Butte aux Cailles and that you start to feel the hunger to come, I advise you a small halt at the restaurant “Les Cailloux”. It is a small Italian restaurant not too far from the place of the Butte aux Cailles (XIII), with a middle-class Bohemian environment… but that's why we like the Butte aux Cailles, isn't it? The decoration is sober although a little sinks, with lamps which do not finish any going down… The reception is cordial and the service is fast. I can simply advise it to you for a meal with friends.

(The picture is borrowed from the site of the Verlaine Institute)

Second Life: my first avatar

Second Life is very hype so I have just created my avatar and plug me to Second Life… I am not yet totally accustomed with the interface, but it is rather easy to move and interact with the objects. The inhabitants of Second Life (avatars) are very cool and never hesitate to guide you and to help you.

Above a small island that I discovered thanks to Zelena (an avatar met on SL), normally it is a beach of nudists, there is some one of them but not every people… The good point of this small island is that it is rather easy to gain Linden (the local dollar, which will enable you to buy new accessories for your avatar, or to take part in other activities of this world). Indeed on this beach, you can gain 2L$ for 10 minutes sunbathing and you can take part in a lottery and gain even more Linden (not later than yesterday, I gained 238L$)

My avatar, on the bath towel which pays you to sunbathe… As you have probably noticed, my avatar is a default one and looks like a first 3D game of Sega, I advise you to seek a news skin (skin) and to modify your avatar a little… Hair flex adds also much to realism…

An air sight of the dancefloor. I hope to find you on SL (do not hesitate to contact me if you want to be escorted)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vitaminized salad with banana and apple

A small salad, with banana: a true delight razz Prepared in a few minutes, you will enjoy it

  • 2 bananas
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • 2 big spoons of pinions of pine
  • some mesclun (a salad)
  • a little olive oil
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • salt and pepper


Prepare salad. Heat the pinions of pine on a frying pan, stop when they start to roast. Press lemon and grapefruit, put the juice in a large dish at salad, cut bananas out of discs and add them to it. Raper the apple and add it, cut cucumber in small pieces and add it too. Finally, it only remains to add all: the salad, pinions, salt, pepper and oil… Mix a little to homogenize the preparation: it is done…

The banana adds a little heat and sweetened to salad: enjoy and do not hesitate to eat this dish again and again wink

Friday, May 04, 2007

Muffins with Parmesan and Parma ham

A receipt of Gordon Ramsay, again… It is the third receipt which we test wink and the third receipt is quite as delicious as the preceding ones… It is a book which I advise you to buy and use to impress your guests at the time of an "aperitif dinatoire", or for a "tête à tête"razz This time it is a receipt of muffins with Parmesan and Parma ham whose preparation is a little strange at the beginning but whose result is excellentwink. Without waiting more, the receipt:


  • 85g butter not salted
  • 100g of flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • Parma ham 100g, (small pieces)
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 sage sheets
  • 40g Parmesan
  • 220ml of water

First of all, put the oven to 200°. During this time, make gently heat water with butter in a pan, to mix them eek … I know water and fat does not mix… But I had not warned you that this receipt is a little strange razz When butter is quite molten increase fire. During this time mix salt with the flour. When the mixture starts to boil, add the salt-flour mixture and to withdraw fire to it. Mix vigorously until obtaining a homogeneous paste. Let cool.

Add eggs little by little to the mixture in order to obtain a homogeneous and flexible paste.

Then add the Parmesan, sage and Parma ham.

On a plate going to the oven, place a greaseproof paper sheet and made small heaps with the preparation (not more than 3 cm in diameter). Let cook during 20 to 25 minutes until muffins take a a little gilded color. Eat them hot or cold. Enjoywink