Tuesday, May 15, 2007

La Butte aux Cailles and its restaurant: "Les Cailloux"

If you walk one day on the side of the Butte aux Cailles and that you start to feel the hunger to come, I advise you a small halt at the restaurant “Les Cailloux”. It is a small Italian restaurant not too far from the place of the Butte aux Cailles (XIII), with a middle-class Bohemian environment… but that's why we like the Butte aux Cailles, isn't it? The decoration is sober although a little sinks, with lamps which do not finish any going down… The reception is cordial and the service is fast. I can simply advise it to you for a meal with friends.

(The picture is borrowed from the site of the Verlaine Institute)


Raziel Siaton said...

Hi, I d/l your script..put it after the < head > in my template. Still not working..please, if you could check it. i'll be very thankful!

thanks in advance!

Wendell said...

I may never get to Paris. But if I do, the first thing I will do is visit a place exactly like this... and eat.