Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Second Life: my first avatar

Second Life is very hype so I have just created my avatar and plug me to Second Life… I am not yet totally accustomed with the interface, but it is rather easy to move and interact with the objects. The inhabitants of Second Life (avatars) are very cool and never hesitate to guide you and to help you.

Above a small island that I discovered thanks to Zelena (an avatar met on SL), normally it is a beach of nudists, there is some one of them but not every people… The good point of this small island is that it is rather easy to gain Linden (the local dollar, which will enable you to buy new accessories for your avatar, or to take part in other activities of this world). Indeed on this beach, you can gain 2L$ for 10 minutes sunbathing and you can take part in a lottery and gain even more Linden (not later than yesterday, I gained 238L$)

My avatar, on the bath towel which pays you to sunbathe… As you have probably noticed, my avatar is a default one and looks like a first 3D game of Sega, I advise you to seek a news skin (skin) and to modify your avatar a little… Hair flex adds also much to realism…

An air sight of the dancefloor. I hope to find you on SL (do not hesitate to contact me if you want to be escorted)

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