Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Policy:: Who is Joe Lieberman?

Joseph Isadore Lieberman (1942 -) is an American politician, democratic senator of Connecticut to the Congress of the United States and former democratic candidate with the vice-presidency of the United States in 2000 . Joe Lieberman carried out studies of right to the University of Yale.He was elected in 1970 with the Senate of the State of Connecticut where he stayed 10 years, including 6 years (1974-1980) like majority leader, i.e. directing democrats for the Senate of the State. In 1980, he took again the lawyer trade before becoming Attorney General (Minister for Justice) of Connecticut in 1983. In 1988, he was elected Senator of Connecticut to the federal Congress, then re-elected in 1994 and 2000 with vast majorities. Joseph Lieberman belongs to the preserving wing of the democratic party. Sometimes he is qualified DINO, in spite of ideas progressists with regard to the civil laws and the environment. Thus, in 1998, during the Lewinsky business, he vigorously criticized the behavior of President Bill Clinton, who however belongs to his party. It is his standpoint which will make it indicate by the democratic candidate with the presidential election of 2000, Al Gore, like fellow candidate, in order to dissociate escapades of the Clinton years. First Jew candidate on the ticket of one of the two great American parties, Lieberman is an asset for Gore, but insufficient however to arrive at the White House. To the Senate after this failure, it is back one of most constant and firm democratic supports with the policy of president George W. Bush in his decisions concerning the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. He became thereafter one of the firmest adversaries of an immediate withdrawal of the American troops of Iraq.Representing a preserving vision that some consider the best to overcome George W. Bush, it decides to launch out in the presidential race to the democratic primary educations after having obtained the certainty that Al Gore will not be again candidate. After a beginning of countryside encouraging, it obtains however scores disappointing in New Hampshire and Maryland, which leads it to give up. Although democrat, Joe Lieberman was one of the candidates had a presentiment of to obtain the very important ministry for interior safety (Department of Homeland Security) for the second mandate of the Bush administration. The station was finally obtained by Michael Chertoff. After its first speech of the Union of its second mandate in 2005, George W. Bush publicly thanked Lieberman for her constant support by a north wind on the cheek of the senator of Connecticut. The photograph of this “kiss” became one year later the first weapon of countryside of its adversaries within the democratic party at the time of its countryside to obtain the nomination of the party for the senatorial elections of November 2006. Thus his refusal to question the government on the prison of Abou Ghra├»b and, especially, his approval of the policies of the administration of George W. Bush, and the war in Iraq are reproached to him within a coalition aiming to prevent it from being again democratic candidate at the post of senator of Connecticut. Supported by principal the blogs American “progressists”, whose DailyKos and Atrios, Ned Lamont, a businessman of Connecticut, presented himself then against him, like candidate anti-war, at the time of the countryside of the primary educations. Qualifying Joe Lieberman of “pom-pom girl” or “doggie” of president Bush, Lamont was going to carry out an unexpected opening in the surveys putting in danger the nomination of the senator. During this rough and heinous program where Lieberman is qualified by his adversaries blogueurs of traitor, liar, political reject, unfair asshole, embrassor of Bush, it declares, bitter, in July 2006 that if the voters of the democratic Party had suddenly considered that it was not worthy any more to represent them, it would not include/understand then where would position the democratic party (on the American political chess-board), criticizing the drift on the left party consequence according to him of the pressures of the founder of DailyKos. It is as in this climate as the former candidate with presidential of 2004, John Kerry, refuses to support it, even in the case of its victory with the primary educations, and that Hillary Clinton takes its distances. In spite of the support, as for him supported, of Bill Clinton, Joseph Lieberman is beaten on August 8, 2006, with 48% of the voices against 52% with Lamont. Popular among voters independent and republican of Connecticut, Joseph Lieberman then ensured to want nevertheless to present itself as a candidate independent at the elections of November 2006. Its hopes rest on surveys which would give it victorious vis-a-vis Lamont and to the republican challenger.
The future will tell us what will happen

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