Sunday, August 27, 2006

Linux:: Firelight an essential tool

You have probably already been in the situation where your hard disk is almost full and you can do nothing… Certainly… Or that will arrive to you soon… Or you are doubtless a maniac; -)
For the normal people: the problem which installation is to find which are the files which take too much place on the disc and if they are not important, to remove them if possible. It is quite tiresome to try to use the df, du and others ls -l. A solution more user-friendly consists of the Firelight software. Here some screenshots:
my general tree structure with all my partitions:
my /home repertory:
my repertory .kde, where it is noted that I have really many friends who write to me much… Not I laugh: a geek does not have friends, only ordis; -) While giving you a visual representation and extrèmement coloured your Firelight files will facilitate the life to you

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Anonymous said...

What? No link to the tool's download site?