Monday, August 21, 2006

Linux:: Virtualization VmWare

I will speak to you about virtualisation but in an other field this time: virtual machines. It is not any more question this time of avatars and other tales of the Web. It is about true life and productivity… I have just learned that VmWare has just put its VmWare Server in free download. Qemu has to be very careful now. It could be well indeed that the availability of this tool makes it possible a number of Linux to be equipped out of virtual machines without all the annoyances and parameters with the command line, which Qemu requires. Either Qemu evolves/moves quickly and is provided quickly with a GUI of quality while on a certain ease of use while guaranteeing a perfect stability or Qemu will disappear with the profit from VmWare. I also think that VmWare saw the threat of the new technologies as Xen, bootcamp and Intel Duo Core…

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