Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trusted Comuting: a film to warn you

Do you know what "Trusted Computing” is question it is a new idea developed by some great names of computers, according to them to make our computers safer. The guiding principle is very simple, it consists in assigning a signature for each data-processing object (software, document, music), and delegating to a third party the task to check if the handled object is authorized with being used on the local system… Elegant you will say, at the end we will get rid of all theses viruses… But think just a little: who will be the third party, the confidence one? All the signatures will have to be checked by this third party, and thus each signature recorded in the big database of this new Big Brother evil what, in a Microsoft logic, for example, will mean paid a lot of money to record your signature (if you do not believe me, ask yourself this simple question: “How much would it cost me to have my certificate in Internet Explorer? ”). To explain hazards this concept, here a small film found on Zudeo:


Once again the great computer makers groups or OS makers intend to play Big Brother with the world… But once again, I think that the free software, will be able to answer this threat… If the laws are not voted by and for the million of $ these large companies! evil

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