Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Joost: the P2P TV

You probably know Kazaa and Skype… Imagine that their creators started to work on a new service twisted… According to you which will they choose? The TV!!! Thus the old project known under the name of “Project Venice” is beginning its as Beta version under the name of Joost twisted and like many Beta project, you are recruited either directly or by sponsorship biggrin the quality is rather good
The interface looks like an application written in Flash or something from the Internet world, but it does not look like an interface the Windows world. A little annoying at the beginning but you will quickly enjoy the interface.
For the moment there are only few channels… But it is a version beta, I guarantee that when the system will be more widespread, many advertisers will want to take benefit from this new service… Moreover I wonder what that will happen when each one will be able to create its own contents and to upload it in the system… It could be the end of VOD twisted
of course you will have to wait sometimes… and especially at the beginning… but as a whole, it is largely possible to watch an emission without too much annoyance…
On the other hand, I do not know very well which software of compression they use, but it is a greedy resource: knowing that I have Pentium M (1,4GHz), that I have just launched Windows and that the only launched program is Joost (made abstraction of MSN and others…) I have an average consumption of my processor of 70%!!! twisted On the other hand the use of the network remains suitable… I wonder well how that workss… I believe that I will have fun in the following days… and will watch series biggrin

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