Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A new search engine: Riya

I have just discovered a brand new service: RIYA, which allow you to make pictures recognition. But what could be the purpose of such a tool... First of all have you ever tried to find a given picture on Google or Flickr? Most of the time you find all and nothing... If you try to search a car: you will find video Games about cars and a lot of other things... but probably not what you are exactly searching, at least not in the first result... It is because Google search in the content of the page, which contains the picture... not the picture itself. It means that if I create a web page about cars but with a pics of a pizza: if you search "car", you will probably find my "pizza". That's why Google want to tags pictures... and ask for user to label some pics It is presented as a game: very clever.
Riya does that alone, automatically and recognize some faces and read directly inside the picture. You have to add your pics, and then train the system by selectionning the face of a person and put a name associate to this face... Then the search engine can do that alone... So now imagine that you want to find all the pictures of Clint Eastwood: the search engine will effectively find only pics of Clint Eastwood... You want a picture not the text with the picture: the search engine index the content of the pics... I don't know the technology they use but result some to be good...

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