Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gource and Dokuwiki

Like everyone, I am fond of the wonderful videos made with Gource. The goal of this tool is to make a representation of the changes made on a version control system like git or SVN. But my favorite wiki ( DokuWiki ) is a version control system tool... Have a look to the folder tree to find the directory "dokuwiki/data/meta" in which the files "*. changes" contain exactly the information sought. For example, the file "systemes_visualisation.changes" looks like:

1263135717 ::1 C informatique:systemes_visualisation Wolverine créée 1263135717:: 1 C computer: Wolverine created systemes_visualisation
1263135988 ::1 E informatique:systemes_visualisation Wolverine 1263135988:: 1 E it: Wolverine systemes_visualisation
1263136423 ::1 E informatique:systemes_visualisation Wolverine 1263136423:: E a computer: Wolverine systemes_visualisation

Explanation :

  1. the first column is a Unix Timestamp ,
  2. the second is the IP address (I'm working on localhost ;-))
  3. the third is the action performed (C created, E edited ,...)
  4. the fourth is straightforward,
  5. the fifth is the ID of the person who modified the page
  6. and the last column is the smallest text you can perform when you edit a page ...
Now just turn this tree into a log file readable by Gource . To do this, I developed a small python script named


This program parse logs of a dokuwiki
and tranform them for gource (a log viewer)

developped by WolverineX02
site :


import os.path
import getopt
import sys
import re

def listdirectory2(path):
"""list all the files like *.changes,
read them and output them in gource's log syntax
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
for i in files:
if ('\.changes$', i)):
fichier = os.path.join(root, i)
myfile = open(fichier, 'r')
for line in myfile.readlines():
mots = line.split()
if len(mots)>=5:
resultat = mots[0] + "|"
resultat += mots[4] + "|"
resultat += translate(mots[2]) + "|"
resultat += fichier
print resultat
elif len(mots)==4:
resultat = mots[0] + "|Anonymous|"
resultat += translate(mots[2]) + "|"
resultat += fichier
print resultat

def translate(mot):
"""translate the dokuwiki vocabulary to the gource one
C -> A
E -> M
other -> M
if mot == "C":
return "A"
elif mot == "E":
return "M"
return "M"

def main(argv):
"""principal function
opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv, "hd:", ["help", "dokuwiki="])
except getopt.GetoptError:
for opt, arg in opts:
if opt in ("-h","--help"):
elif opt in ("-d","--dokuwiki"):
print listdirectory2(arg)

def usage():
"""this function will display how to use this script
print "This script will output change logs of a dokuwiki"
print "in a friendly way for gource"
print "how to use it :"
print "python -d ~/Sites/MyDokuwiki/ | sort > dokusort.log"
print "and then :"
print "gource --log-format custom dokusort.log --stop-position 1.0 \ "
print "--stop-on-idle --file-idle-time 10000000"
print "---"
print "-h : help "
print "-d : meta directory of your dokuwiki"

if __name__ == "__main__":

To start it, nothing more simple, launch the script in yout dokuwiki directory :

python -d ~/Sites/MyDokuwiki/ | sort > dokusort.log
then view the result with Gource with the following command:
gource --log-format custom dokusort.log --stop-position 1.0 --stop-on-idle --file-idle-time 10000000

I will try to put this code on the site Gource site ;-) Feel free to ask me questions or to improve my script.

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