Sunday, October 08, 2006

Linux:: AmaroK

In the inuits legends, Amarok is the giant wolf which devours the imprudent hunters, who hunt alone the night. In the world of computers, Amarok is the application which could too devour the imprudent users of Windows which use the old old old Itunes... Amarok is an application of the free world which works exclusively under Linux or Unix.
AmaroK allows inter alia:
  • to manage advanced playlists
  • to develop new functionalities via scripts
  • to record statistical data of a song even if this one is renamed or moved
  • to use K3B (burning software for Kde) for the CD engraving
  • to use the data bases to store information of music
  • to use your iPod
  • to manually configure a generic reader with key format USB
  • to benefit from the crossfading
  • to use MusicBrainz to recover informations on your music
  • to recover the words of the songs
  • to recover the covers of albums on the Amazon site
  • to recover on Wikipédia the articles on the album, the artist or the song in the course of listening
  • to manage the support of radio operator flows of

Unfortunately for the users of Windows, Amarok will never be carried under Windows because of:
  • its licence LPG
  • KDE-libs (which it uses)
  • need somebody to do it...

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