Monday, October 09, 2006

Google Calendar && Kontact

I only start to fill my Calendar by Google, but I have also my calendar on my portable with Kontact... The question which often arises in these cases, how to share information between the two (except if you are schizophrenic...) how to synchronize the two calendars??? Mr. Google once again thought to everything: it is simple: settings > calendars > share this calendar > calendar details.... There you will see small squares of color XML, iCal, HTML on the line private addresse. Select iCal and copy the address which is kindly given to you by Google. Now on Kontact: File > Import > Import Calendar... At this time there, instead of seeking on your computer a file, enter the address given by M.Google answer two or three questions... that is it. You finally could be more effective in your work, to optimize your life; -)

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