Saturday, September 23, 2006

Linux:: How to install IMVU on Linux

Sorry, I do not have a magic receipt, I tested Wine and Crossover well, but I had some problems with glu32.dll and opengl32.dll… I have thus to try the vitualisation and my Windows machine in Qemu. It is great, it works! I launch only that, and I have to remove the updates automatic of Windows, But yes, I can regenerate my virtual machine, therefore in the worst case the virus or the Trojan will remain there only one hour or two: -) not of chance for hackers. Moreover I am seeking how to accelerate my virtual machine: there that could become really a magic receipt, moreover if you have some already: as usual leave me a message


Anonymous said...

I'm running Linspire (based on Debian), I tried CrossOver Office, Wine and Win4lin. But none seems to be able to run ivmu. How did you get it to work?

peter said...

same here i tried using cedega and had no luck