Friday, September 15, 2006

Flex Ajax PHP MySQL

I am reading a lot about these subjects to develop an application there reading some data in a SQL base, allowing to write inside and especially which makes it possible to make summarize give contained in the database. Thus I use:
  • flex: for a pretty presentation worthy of WEB 2.0
  • Ajax: to decrease the use of the band-width and thus to create a very fast application
  • PHP: especially to interact with my database
  • MySQL: because in the world of the databases is an excellent choice which I recommend.
Hardest with all that: it is to find infos, there is almost nothing on the WEB (moreover if somebody has something I am taking : -) There are well the sites of Adobe and Blogs of the developers but it seems to me that Adobe wants to resell its Coldfusion has everyone and thus he really does not explain how to bind MySQL its Flex has by using other technologies.

to follow…

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