Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ratatouille : a great great movie

It has been a long time since, since I laughed because of a great comic movie… Ratatouille is a little rat, who wand to become a great chief in Paris. When you watch this movie, you become hungry and this movie is very well realized, there is a good timing and rhythm. The drawings of Paris are marvelous. It is worth seeing this movie, even if you are no more a child.


Mighty said...

While I agree the Ratatouille was very well animated and entertaining movie I do have to say that if you've ever spent any significant amount of time in the presence of a rat (such as a pet or otherwise) the idea of rats cooking in a kitchen is simply nauseating regardless of how clean they might be.

hanum said...

great animation movie, more advice contained. Good.. good..